Fees / Medical Aids

We are “contracted in” practice, meaning that we accept most medical aids, and will submit the accounts on your behalf, for most procedures.

The tariffs that we charge are the same tariffs at which the medical aids have agreed to reimburse us at.

However be aware the NO Medical Aid covers EVERYTHING.

They all have specific dental benefits and dental limits. The are sub-limits, rules and are subject to the terms and conditions that you have agreed to.

Be wise and call your Medical Aid customer care and have them email you the dental benefits specifically for the medical aid option that you have bought.

Ask your Medical Aid the following questions:

1. What are my dental benefits for my Option ?

2. What is my benefit for ORDINARY DENTISTRY ?

3. What is my benefit for SPECIALISED DENTISTRY

4. Will my dental benefits be paid from my Savings or from a Specific Dental Benefit

5. Is the dental benefit a COMBINED FAMILY BENEFIT or does each member have a LIMITED MEMBER BENEFIT and what is that amount:

6. Get a reference number for your call and a print out of your benefits

We are contracted to the following medical aid plans.

• Netcare dentist plan

• Bankmed dentist plan

• SABC dentist plan

• Discovery dentist plan

• CAMAF dentist plan

• Libcare dentist plan

• Liberty dentist plan

• AECI dentist plan

• Momentum dentist plan

• Medscheme dentist plan

• Medihelp dentist plan

• Bestmed dentist plan

• LA Health dentist plan

• Remedi dentist plan

• Discovery Keycare dentist plan

• Bonitas dentist plan

• Carecross dentist plan

• the GEMS dentist plan specifically the : GEMS Onyx dentist , GEMS Emerald dentist , GEMS Beryl dentist & GEMS Sapphire dentist